As of Wednesday, March 18th, we are continuing to keep our same hours: Monday – Friday 11am to 6pm; Saturday 11am to 2pm. If any changes are made, we will post on The Care Connection website and social media to let everyone know.

  • Our current policy is that we are only allowing one customer in the store at a time, as well as committed to cleaning the store following all CDC guidelines in between each customer visit.
  • Based upon everyone’s personal comfort levels, we are also offering to handle everything over the phone so you do not need to come into the store. We will be available to bring your breast pump out to your vehicle. In either case, we would ask that you give us a call when you arrive so we can give you instructions of what to do next.
  • Additionally, for the past two days we have had successful distance learning (BF101 & Return to Work classes) as well as virtual Lactation appointments with our IBCLC registered nurses!
  • We will continue to call our customers with upcoming appointments and classes providing updated information. We want to thank everyone for their patience and support. With our new policies in place, we hope to continue to stay open and service all WNY moms in need.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.